X1C7 WiFi issue

WiFi can disconnect from time to time (in Linux). This is the most annoying problem with the X1C7. It vanishes for some days, before returning.

See reddit discussion; Looks to be this bug, though in 2021 I’m seeing more of the 0x707 bug.

In the end, I decided to just use an external wifi card (AC600M USB WiFi Adapter)

Update: Turns out, this only happens if there are multiple router channels (eg: different “pods” 1 for the main router) in use; and the issue is not specific to the X1 Carbon, as I’ve seen it happen on the P71 too.

Such as the Wi-Fi pods from Bell Canada.
Links to this page
  • Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7 review

    The only annoying issue with the Carbon is that the WiFi card included in my laptop experiences periodic disconnections on Linux. Others have reported the same. See X1C7 WiFi issue for details. In the end, I resorted to using a USB wifi dongle to sidestep this problem.

  • AC600M USB WiFi Adapter

    Having gotten frustrated with the X1C7 WiFi issue, I decided to use an external USB WiFi adapter. Here is the specific adapter* I purchased from Amazon. It does not work with Linux out of the box; however, the shipment came with a mini CD (with presumably the Windows driver) that had the code RTL8811/RTL8812 which hinted at the possible Linux driver to use.