Wokeism (also called neoracism) is a modern religion that originated in America and is closely accompanied by the pseudoscienfic field Critical Race Theory. The central thesis of the religion is best characterized by the following passage:

Speaking of ‘the illusion of change by activism’: what I have noticed, whilst pottering around the world-wide-web, is that those of a sinistral statist ideology (such as your ‘marxism/ postmodernism/ feminism’ wording is suggestive of) are apparently extracting meaning and/or purpose from busying themselves in the redressment of systemic cultural ‘wrongs’, via the heavy hand of state compulsion 1 , through retaining tight control of ‘the public narrative’ – having long-ago seized the high moral ground of minority-group injustice (as per your ‘fighting for the rights of the vulnerable classes’ words) – on a yet-to-be-demonstrated premiss that an equitable society can be legislated into existence (i.e., imposed on all citizens at the point of state-owned/ state-controlled guns), in a ‘majority-rules’ society, on a ‘minorities-rule’ basis. —ref


  • John McWhorter: ‘Woke Racism’
  • Linguistic:
    • Woke Religion: A Taxonomy
    • Kafkatrapping, by esr
      • The aim of the kafkatrap is to produce a kind of free-floating guilt in the subject, a conviction of sinfulness that can be manipulated by the operator to make the subject say and do things that are convenient to the operator’s personal, political, or religious goals. Ideally, the subject will then internalize these demands, and then become complicit in the kafkatrapping of others.
  • Outlook
    • DHH: “If we’ve passed peak “woke”, and I sure hope we have, may it be followed soon thereafter with peak politics too.” – Are we past peak “woke”?

Allen Farrington writing on Quillette (Jan 20, 2021):

[…] A simpler thesis would be that the reason so much of “Big Tech” spontaneously coordinated [to censor] as it did was a political calculus aimed at avoiding onerous regulation by currying favour with the incoming administration.

[…] For years, Zuckerberg has begged Congress to craft a set of rules for him to follow concerning online speech. Among tech executives, he is not alone in his discomfort with shouldering responsibilities that seem to border on governance

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  • Woke arrogation of Paradox of tolerance

    The Woke has arrogated Mr. Karl Popper’s “Paradox of tolenrace” to advance their authoritarian Censorship and deplatforming measures. The irony here is that, when Mr. Popper’s “Paradox of tolerance” is followed to the tee it would result in the deplatforming of the Woke themselves. u/LotsRegret explains this:

  • Woke Invasion

    Proponents of Wokeism have been proselytizing many unsuspecting organizations adopting a number of covert tactics. See this Twitter thread for an example of how it works in education.

  • Wikipedia is not neutral

    Almost every political or controversial topic on Wikipedia is infested with a far-left / woke slant, reflecting the make-up of its authoritarian editors. See The left-wing bias of Wikipedia, a scientific/academic article about Wikipedia’s bias, by pseudonymous authors.

  • Psychology behind wokeism
    Cognitive dissonance being predictor of woke safetyism: “students’ self-reported prevalence of cognitive distortions positively predicted their endorsement of safetyism-inspired beliefs, the belief that words can harm, and support for the broad use of trigger warnings”

    Adherents of Wokeism tend to exhibit certain psychological characteristics in common.

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    I do not recommend the Haskell Matrix space, as it is being held hostage by a woke activist admin. The same can also be said of the Haskell Foundation Slack, and some of its members (the Foundation has also recently started being discriminatory – based on race, gender – towards membership applications, and as such I wouldn’t recommend anyone donate to such non-meritocratic organizations).

  • Critical Race Theory

    Critical Race Theory is the pseudoscience* underlying Wokeism.

  • Censorship

    Censorship in social media, academic, professional organizations and various other fields became increasingly prevalent as Wokeism began taking a foothold.