Tech organizations standing up for Free Speech

The answer is to remove the centralisation. Users should be able to make up their own minds and make their own censorship decisions - something that we’re actively working on and supporting via Matrix’s decentralised reputation work.

2021 escalated quickly, Jan 12, 2021, Element Blog, in response to US Election 2020 Capitol riots.

Our task is not an easy one, but neither was the task of our Founding Fathers. We must fight to defend free speech on the internet now more than ever. Our country, and indeed the world, depends on it. Our children are counting on us to rise to the occasion and defend freedom just as so many have done before us. At Gab, we are ready to answer that call.

Get President Trump On, Jan 6, 2021, Gab Blog, in response to US Election 2020 Capitol riots.

Michael Snoyman, a lead figure in the Haskell community, recommends Gab as well:

Gab is one of the oldest free speech competitors to Twitter. It’s been labeled as “Nazi Twitter,” and so far has stood up to all attempts to censor it. It runs its own physical machines to avoid companies like Amazon, and has been banned from many payment processors. It has no mobile apps in the app stores, since Apple and Google have banned them. Without much experience with it, it’s probably the best “free speech microblogging” platform out there. It’s also developing additional features, like news aggregation, video hosting, and commenting.

You likely will be tarred and feathered as a Nazi for using Gab or Parler. I’ll admit that I’ve mostly avoided Gab because the content I discuss is purely technical and not at censorship risk, and I didn’t feel like bringing ire down upon myself. But I am starting to post my content to Gab and Parler as well. Getting ever so slightly political: I hope people start using these platforms for everyday posts so that we don’t have two raging political extremes yelling at each other from separate platforms.

Snoyman’s Gab profile is here.

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