Core personal values include felicity, benignity/benevolence … and creativity, authenticity, autonomy 1 .

From a social perspective, the following are vital 2 :

  • Meritocracy (as in, merit-based 3 ), in regards to opportunities
  • Equity and parity (not to be confused with equality), in regards to interactions 4

P: The two common human reactions [assertiveness and autonomy] can be crudely summarized as fight or flight – assertiveness, standing up for ‘my’ rights, making ‘my’ point, demanding justice, etc. are in the fight category and being humble, surrendering ‘my’ will, being grateful, turning the other cheek, being a pacifist, etc. are reactions in the flight category. These typical reactions are prevalent both in the spiritual world and the real world and are socially instilled and/or instinctually programmed.

The one common denominator in all these reactions is that there is a ‘me’ involved – a ‘me’ [edit: ie., the psychological identity/ sense of self] who is strong or weak, a ‘me’ who is right or wrong, a ‘me’ who is good or bad, a ‘me’ who stands and fights or slinks away. The only way out of this seesawing emotional turmoil is to become autonomous – to become free of one’s own social and instinctual programming such that your being happy and harmless is independent of external influences and conditions.

Autonomy isn’t something that can be practiced because this only leads to feeling independent with its inherent qualities of feeling separate and feeling superior. Becoming autonomous is the inevitable result of becoming actually free of the shackles of the human condition.


In the context of American identity politics, see also FAIR.
Where ‘merit’ is a clearly-defined word referring, here, to “talent, effort, and achievement, rather than wealth or social class”.

R: So as to explicate why equity and parity is the sensible approach, perhaps you may be inclined to consider two very common platitudes … but juxtaposed for clarity. Vis.: ‘we are all unique’/‘we are all equal’

R: [..] [Dictionary Definition]: equity: even-handed dealing; fairness, impartiality; unbiased. [Dictionary Definition]: parity: on a par; equivalence; similarity; correspondence.


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