Tangential thoughts, on the three principles of Digital Minimalism, to be fleshed out latter.

  • In the narrow context of Thoreau’s New Economics (used to prove the first principle, Clutter is costly) alone, we can say that social media is a form of (indirectly done) unpaid labour. In paid labour, one exchanges one’s time for some money (often more than needed); mindless social media use is generally like that (in regards to spending time), except one doesn’t get paid, and with extra cost to mental health (see ‘outrage market’ in Pros and Cons). 1
  • The second principle (Optimization is important) is relevant to my efforts to streamline consumption of current events and some interesting forums, and determine the most efficient way to process them.
    • I think Email is the key here, but some ‘fetcher’ tools will need to be developed for places that do not have a direct way to get their content sent via Email in a digest form. This will likely be my next project. 2
      • For the moment, however, I’m satisfied with Mailbrew - to consume news in a digest form, and less frequently such as once or twice a week).
  • As to the third principle (Intentionality is satisfying and, specifically, Intention trumps convenience) … there are some thoughts on it in my private 📓 Zettelkasten – to be published once fully fleshed out.
A cognate topic to explore here is that neuroplasticity (as in, ‘use it or lose it’) alone ensures that any consistent change in what we end up doing during the bulk of each of every moment dictates our ensuing mode of being (from which comes lifestyle, knowledge, etc.) over time. This would be the true ‘profit’ to consider, in this context.
See slownews for a prior attempt at something like this.