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  • X1C7 WiFi issue

    Update: Turns out, this only happens if there are multiple router channels (eg: different “pods”* for the main router) in use; and the issue is not specific to the X1 Carbon, as I’ve seen it happen on the P71 too.

  • X1C7 - Moderate Performance

    The carbon does suffer a bit with heavy workloads, such as some long compilation (eg: GHCJS) tasks, IDE heavylifting (haskell-language-server) or when using complex (bloated) web apps. However, for the bulk of them I can offload them to my P71 workstation at home (via manual ssh, VSCode remote ssh or distributed build), and then use its binary cache.

  • Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7 review

    Linux kernel 5.9 or later has the best hardware support. Everything including Thunderbolt and fingerprint reader works on Linux. I was surprised in particular to see that 5k resolution worked in LG Ultrafine 5k, which is a retina-quality Thunderbolt monitor designed specifically for Macbooks. Compared to previous Thinkpads (such as P71), the trackpad is as good as that of a Macbook.

  • Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7 review

    My next computer, if I choose to buy one in ~3 years, would likely be similar to the X1C7 but with a bit more performance (assuming battery life does not suffer); i.e., if I were to make this decision again, I’d consider Thinkpad X1E or P1* - but with integrated graphics (nvidia has poor support on Linux). That said, I still use the Carbon as my primary computer, and use VSCode remote to shift much of the develoment heavylifting to the P71 workstation at home.