ka (originally announced in Neuron 1.0 released) is already functional but still in ongoing research phase (see a short demo). It uses a FRP (Reflex FRP) based reactive build system as the engine for managing notes, as well provides an interactive user interface to navigate the notes in an extensible structured fashion.

Project goals

  1. Fast build system
  2. Extensible via plugins1
  3. UX optimized for navigating private notebooks

The first two goals in particular are relevant for preparing ka to eventually supplant rib and shake in Neuron.

Early Access

Neuron sponsors may get early access to ka source code, which can be utilized to run it locally on your notes. If you are a (tier 2+) sponsor, please email me your GitHub user name - for access to the repository.

Project Blog


  1. Here’s a potential list of plugins:

    • Link queries of neuron
    • Folgezettel linking ([[[..]]]) of neuron
    • Smart review of old cards (uses last-modified or git history)
    • Calendar of daily notes
    • Self-tracking
    • Flash cards
    • Task management (gather GFM checklists)