Using Twitter sensibly

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter for several reasons; however, there is one good reason to be on Twitter: social engagement.1

Twitter codes

  • Use it mostly for creative or interesting content
  • Mute people who tweet with a negative vibe.3
    • This is especially the case with the “woke” crowd.
  • Above all, use it for interacting with people, encouraging a felicitous, innocuous and learning ambiance.


  1. Of course that can be said for any platform where people participate and interact with one another: reddit, Zulip, Slack, Discord, etc.

  2. If you really must make your unpopular opinions known, do it anonymously to isolate yourself from online mobs.

  3. Appearing negative (eg: when criticizing something) is not the same thing as emanating a negative vibe. See Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks. Cf. Politeness as a tool for malice.

  4. Especially the clickbait content that Twitter forces into your valuable attention.