Determine cause and effect (and succession)

RICHARD: If one can see the silliness of having the feeling, period, then surely one can also see the sensibility of determining cause and effect (and succession) so as to pre-empt an otherwise endless arousal of same (and its succession) through ignorance for the remainder of one’s life?


To reduce the actualism method to just seeing the silliness of having the prominent feelings which are rare for you (like anger, jealousy, malice) arise – and to then drop them immediately as they begin to do so irrespective of what caused them and at what precise point they started – is to render it indistinguishable from the socialised/acculturated technique of suppressing feelings1 as dutifully practised by billions of peoples world wide … with the same lack of effect in regards bringing about peace and harmony.

The Actualism Method Does Not Work

What’s needed

PETER: To undertake this investigation requires

  • naiveté not cynicism (see Naiveté as an aid to deprogram oneself),
  • determination not fatalism,
  • bloody-mindedness not defeatism (see Be obsessed),
  • confidence not pessimism,
  • a stubborn refusal to settle for second best not resignation, and
  • a burning discontentment with the Human Condition of malice and sorrow not a self-centred complacency.