We choose how we feel

RESPONDENT No. 60: The way Richard put it, it sounded like he was able to simply choose the way he felt, and seemed surprised that others could not.

RESPONDENT: It does sort of give that impression.

RICHARD: It does far more than merely give that impression … it is precisely what I am saying. For a recent instance:

  • [Co-Respondent]: ‘I think its important to be free of malice (…) but I’m not sure why we need to free of sorrow.
  • [Richard]: ‘You do not need to be free of sorrow (or malice) … it is your choice, and your choice alone, each moment again as to how you prefer to experience this moment of being alive (the only moment you are ever alive)’.

If then choosing to be as happy and as harmless (as free of both malice and sorrow and their antidotal pacifiers love and compassion) as was humanly possible thus makes the identity inhabiting this flesh and blood body, back in 1981, a freak of nature then so too is my current companion as she comprehended right from the beginning that it is her choice, and her choice alone, each moment again as to how she prefers to experience this moment of being alive (the only moment she is ever alive) … and which would also make my previous companion a freak of nature as well (not forgetting to mention, of course and for the very reason of it being topical, both Peter and Vineeto too).

Incidentally, the identity in residence in 1981 was not surprised that others could not but, rather, that others would not (having a victim mentality, it turned out, ran much deeper than the singular mentation such nomenclature indicates).

Much, much deeper … so much so as to be past fixation, entrenchment, and well into being an impressment, an embedment bordering on an embodiment. http://www.actualfreedom.com.au/sundry/commonobjections/CRO30a.htm