Cuttlefish and male feminists

Pretending to be a female so as to mate with one is one of the cuttlefish strategies:

[…] cuttlefish unable to win in a direct confrontation with a guard male have been observed employing several other tactics to acquire a mate. The most successful of these methods is camouflage; smaller cuttlefish use their camouflage abilities to disguise themselves as a female cuttlefish. Changing their body color, and even pretending to be holding an egg sack, disguised males are able to swim past the larger guard male and mate with the female –Wikipedia

Perhaps the same can be said for homo sapiens:

Douglas Murray in his The Madness of Crowds shares an anecdote of the “male feminist”:

The day after the inaugration of President Trump in January 2017 there were large demonstrations in Washington, DC, and other cities. This ‘Women’s March’ focused on the president’s past remarks about women and included large numbers of protestors who wore pink ‘pussy hats’. Banners bore legends like ‘Don’t DICKtate to my pussy’. At one after-march party in Washinton a journalist colleague noticed the behaviour of some of the men who were present. Amid the bands, beer and plastic cups the girls stood around talking excitedly about the Women’s March and their role in it. The young men present all strongly stressed their support for the march and all explained that they were feminists too. One young man ‘nodded’ gravely as one attractive young woman recited all the correct beliefs of a modern feminist. After she briefly left he turned to his friend and whispered ‘Dude, this is awesome! All these drunk, emotional girls in one city!’ –Book Ref

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