Belief: Haskell is not for average people

There is a widespread belief1 that Haskell is suitable for use only by “smart” people. And that “average” programmers are better off with something “easier”. The programming language Go’s success can in part be attributed to the class2 of such beliefs.


  1. A belief, here, is defined as “an emotion-backed thought […] made to appear real or true only by [the] emotional support for the belief, by [one’s] passionate feelings, intuition and imagination”. – Topics - Belief

  2. If you know what this class of beliefs is called, please let me know. More generally, it refers to a deeply-held belief and faith about the incompetence of the general public (the average people), thereby rationalizing the desire to relegate them to some inferior position in society, while also, psychologically speaking, submitting oneself to it and thereby defending it (i.e., the opposite of Growth Mindset).