Stop dissociating; be your feelings

People tend to develop a sort of numbness towards their feelings. This is what everyday normal dissociation is. In spirituality, this dissociative tendency is heightened to the nth degree1. In actualism, one needs to get back to being their feelings (Neither express nor repress), because I am my feelings.

srinathjelly on Apr, 2020:

yes feel as good as you can whenever you can, but always FEEL. It is only by being very aware of feelings - good and bad, that you can progressively feel better. As a feeling being my motto was always be feeling

John C.M. to srinathjelly:

It’s funny that I’ve spent years not heeding to this advice. It was just recently, through a mere coincidence, that I started to monitor my feelings 24/7 again; like I used to do years ago! By doing it correctly I managed to drop a huge chunck of anxiety & sorrow in one 6 hour sitting, then really digging into each experienced feeling aknowleding ’em all as ‘me’. I have therefore nailed the part about “attentiveness” and your little message here, onto my desktop so that I’ll never forget about being a “feeling being” ever again.

  1. The vipassana method by Mr. Goenka, for example, has one dissociate from their feelings and identify with physical sensations. See Richard’s Selected Correspondence.

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