Always be feeling

srinathjelly on Apr, 2020:

yes feel as good as you can whenever you can, but always FEEL. It is only by being very aware of feelings - good and bad, that you can progressively feel better. As a feeling being my motto was ‘always be feeling’

John C.M. to S:

It’s funny that I’ve spent years not heeding to this advice. It was just recently, through a mere coincidence, that I started to monitor my feelings 24/7 again; like I used to do years ago! By doing it correctly I managed to drop a huge chunck of anxiety & sorrow in one 6 hour sitting, then really digging into each experienced feeling aknowleding ’em all as ‘me’. I have therefore nailed the part about “attentiveness” and your little message here, onto my desktop so that I’ll never forget about being a “feeling being” ever again.