The birth of daily passing notes

  • In neuron, I have been designing a new interface for displaying zettel connections. #195.
    • During a discussion about this design, Nadrieril referred to Andy’s notes, which in turn inspired me to start writing daily notes in my Zettelkasten.
    • Later it occured to me … why not publish (a cleaned up version of) these notes on the web as well? I thought that it would make for an interesting alternative to Twitter. It should not take any more 5 minutes to publish these. I call these passing notes.

Reflex discussion

Witnessed some interesting discussion about prerendering dynamic content (eg: those fetched from database) in the #reflex-frp IRC channel. You can view the logs here.

Markdown editor that does not suck

Many rich text editors seem to convert back and forth with HTML. This is lossy. For example, many of them would eat up the attributes extended syntax in commonmark.

Somehow I stumbled upon HyperMD which strikes the right balance between the two. Turns out, it is built on top of CodeMirror which itself has a decent markdown mode that one can customize using CSS. Incidentally, CodeMirror also supports VIM keybindings. How cool is that?