RESPONDENT: Would you say it takes a lot of effort?

RICHARD: No … Sincerity is the key to an unlocking of effortlessness


[Respondent № 74]: Would you say such alertness is effortless?

[Richard]: No, the alertness of being on guard implies effort … whereas Enjoyment and appreciation is a breeze.

the footnotes – those two after the words ‘to start off with’ and ‘simple in practice’, above, plus one supplementary to the first – expand upon both the non-cognitive nature of this ongoing affective awareness (i.e., ‘a non-verbal attitude’ and ‘a wordless approach’) and the simplicity/ easiness (a.k.a. effortlessness) of this non-cognitive monitoring whereby, via affectively feeling any diminution of one’s ongoing affective enjoyment and appreciation, cognitive attention is automatically engendered

it was far, far easier and simpler to stay in a good mood come-what-may – preferably a happy mood of course – than claw ‘his’ way back up to feeling good, again and again, after having habitually reverted to type.


In short: if it be not either easy (effortless) or fun (enjoyable (Enjoyment) then there is something to look at until it is again.


[…] all it takes is to be aware of/ attentive to the quality of the felicity/ innocuity (Enjoyment) one is currently experiencing and, with the pure intent born of Naiveté, the requisite noticing of/attending to happens virtually of its own accord.