Naiveté is a quality generally predominant in childhood, which quality is erased as adulthood cynicism and sophistication takes over. Success in Actualism Method entails resurrecting one’s lost naiveté.

Naiveté is so vital to freedom. This is because even the strictest application of moralistic and ethicalistic injunctions will never lead to the clean clarity of the purity of living the perfection of the infinitude of this material universe. Purity is an actual condition – intrinsic to this universe – that a human being can tap into by pure intent. Pure intent can be activated with earnest (Sincerity) attention paid to the state of naiveté. To be naïve is to be

  • virginal,
  • unaffected,
  • unselfconsciously artless … in short:
  • ingenuous.

Naiveté is a much-maligned word, having the common assumption that it implies gullibility. Nevertheless, to be naïve means to be

  • simple and
  • unsophisticated.

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