Neither express nor repress

The best way to deal with emotions is to neither express them nor repress them.

By neither expressing nor repressing emotions, something new can happen. The emotion is put into a bind, it has nowhere to go. Next time anger, say, comes up in a situation, simply decline to have it happen. Observe it as it gets up to all kinds of tricks to have its way. Do not express it – but do not repress it either. Watch what happens … you will be surprised. Personally, I rid myself of anger in about three weeks when I started on this all those years ago. The more subtle variations like getting peeved, getting irritated and getting annoyed took a little longer, but losing my temper in an angry outburst ended after about three weeks. I kid you not. It all has to do with the determination to succeed, with patience and diligence born out of the pure intent garnered from a peak experience.

The ASA article describes it differently:

Attentiveness is the observance of the basic nature of each arising feeling; it is observing all the inner world emotional, passionate and calentural which is whatever is presently taking place in the affective faculty. Attentiveness is seeing how any feeling makes me tick and how I react to it with the perspicacity of seeing how it affects others as well. In attentiveness, there is an unbiased observing of the constant showing-up of the reality within and is examining the feelings arising one after the other … and such attentiveness is the ending of its grip.