Pure Consciousness Experience

Richard: A PCE is when one’s sense of identity temporarily vacates the throne and apperception occurs. Apperception is the mind’s perception of itself … it is a pure awareness . Normally the mind perceives through the senses and sorts the data received according to its predilection; but the mind itself remains unperceived … it is taken to be unknowable. Apperception is when the ‘thinker’ and the ‘feeler’ is not and an unmediated awareness occurs. The pure consciousness experience is as if one has eyes in the back of one’s head; there is a three hundred and sixty degree awareness and all is self-evidently clear. http://actualfreedom.com.au/library/topics/pce.htm

I will write this note as I soon as I can remember, or have, a PCE. Until then, see other people’s descriptions at http://actualfreedom.com.au/actualism/others/corr-pce.htm

In lieu of PCE

the near-purity of the sincerity which inheres in naiveté