Actualism HOWTO

Algorithmically, the actualism method can be described as follows:

  • Set the standard of experiencing to feeling good at minimum. i.e. Dedicate to feeling good
  • Stay affectively aware (24/71) of how I am experiencing this moment (the only moment) of being alive
  • Once I find myself no longer feeling good, stop whatever is it I’m doing, and engage cognitive attention1 to trace back to the exact trigger that caused that feeling.
  • Seeing the silliness of having such an incident puts me back on track (i.e., I resume feeling good).
  • Make a mental note of the trigger such that in future if a similar kind of incident is to occur, I can decline going down this path by nipping it in the bud

Here’s how the method is officially described:

RICHARD: Once the specific moment of ceasing to feel good is pin-pointed, and the silliness of having such an incident as that (no matter what it is) take away one’s enjoyment and appreciation of this only moment of being alive is seen for what it is – usually some habitual reactive response – one is once more feeling good … but with a pin-pointed cue to watch out for next time so as to not have that trigger off yet another bout of the same-old same-old. This is called nipping it in the bud before it gets out of hand … with application and diligence and patience and perseverance one soon gets the knack of this and more and more time is spent enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive. And, of course, once one does get the knack of this, one up-levels ‘feeling good’, as a bottom line each moment again, to ‘feeling happy and harmless’ … and after that to ‘feeling perfect’. –This Moment Of Being Alive

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