Love is a choice

Falling in love is a choice one makes deep down one’s psyche.

RICHARD: To fall in love is not something which just happens involuntarily; the feelings of love are aroused by the presence of the potential lover and it is a choice made deep-down, at the core of one’s being, to either go with the powerful passions engendered, and thus become and be that very passion, or not1

It is not any different to the choice one makes (see We choose how we feel), say, to feel bad. Love is not any more special — in regards to that choice — than all those little and “unimportant” feelings one chooses to feel during one’s life.

Also, in the absence of love, togetherness and closeness that normally precede falling in love are now left to morph instead2 into sweetness (“delighting in the pervasive proximity, or immanence, of the other”).