I practice the Actualism Method to become happier1 in life.

The method also increasingly influences how I deal with other people (see Handling conflicts).

  1. It has become fashionable in this day and age to express scorn at the prospect of becoming happier; regardless, by “become happier” I refer to maximizing the felicitous and innocuous feelings:

    the felicitous feelings are those that are of a happy and carefree (blithesome feelings of great delight and enjoyment) nature; the innocuous feelings are those that are of a harmless and congenial (gracious feelings of ingenuous tranquillity and affability) nature

    while minimizing the “good” and the “bad” feelings:

    the good feelings are those that are of a loving (ardent feelings of profound affection and endearment) and a compassionate (empathetic feelings of deep sympathy and commiseration) nature; the bad feelings are those that are of a malicious (spiteful feelings of intense hatred and resentment) and a sorrowful (melancholy feelings of yawning sadness and grief) nature

    Ref: The Difference between Good Feelings and Feeling Good?