I used to practice Buddhist meditation which numbed down my emotions, because Mindfulness is dissociation. I now practice the Actualism Method to become happier1 in life.


  1. It has become fashionable in this day and age to express scorn at the prospect of becoming happier (see Intellectual addiction to suffering); regardless, by “become happier” I refer to maximizing the felicitous and innocuous feelings:

    the felicitous feelings are those that are of a happy and carefree (blithesome feelings of great delight and enjoyment) nature; the innocuous feelings are those that are of a harmless and congenial (gracious feelings of ingenuous tranquillity and affability) nature

    while minimizing the “good” and the “bad” feelings:

    the “good” feelings are those that are of a loving (ardent feelings of profound affection and endearment) and a compassionate (empathetic feelings of deep sympathy and commiseration) nature; the “bad” feelings are those that are of a malicious (spiteful feelings of intense hatred and resentment) and a sorrowful (melancholy feelings of yawning sadness and grief) nature

    Ref: The Difference between Good Feelings and Feeling Good?