Sous vide cooking

I got into sous vide cooking in Fall 2017 and have been using it ever since.


  • Circulator: I own the Anova however if I were to buy a new machine I’d definitely go for the Joule by Chef Steps because the latter is compact and has a magnetic base (allowing use of existing pots).

  • Container: I use the Rubbermaid 12 quart container with the Anova; however if you use the Joule most kitchen pots should work.

  • Rack: Racks are used to hold the bags in water and prevent them from floating which can affect the cooking. While there are racks specifically made for sous vide, for beginners I recommend the Ikea Stainless Steel Pot Lid Organizer.

  • Vacuum sealer: To begin with I suggest not buying a vacuum sealer and instead use zip lock bags for sealing the meat using the water immersion technique. If you are cooking sous vide often you may invest in any functioning suction vacuum sealer (I use the Gourmia model that cost me about 50 CAD).

    • The only disadvantage of using a suction vacuum sealer, over the superior chamber vacuum sealer, is that suction vacuum bags generally cost more money over time.
  • Torch: Sous Vide technique cooks meat, but does not sear (aka. maillard reaction) it. You can sear a steak on a hot pan for about a minute per side, but if you do not wish to smoke out the entire kitchen an alternative is to use a propane torch. The Bernzomatic TS8000 is the best choice here; I’d recommend that you use it without the (IMO) overhyped and inefficient Searzall attachment.

See also

  • Sous Vide Everything channel on YouTube: lots of video recipes, and tips. These guys use the TS8000 on almost every video. However they use it with the Searzall attachment which (IMO) unnecessarily prolongates the searing process.

  • The Reverse Sear: another method to cook a steak. Compared to sous vide, a steak cooked in the oven gets that roast flavour. And because the steak already comes out dry, searing it after (I still use the TS8000) produces a much better and crispier browning than a sous vide steak that was pat dried with paper towels.