Carnivore diet

I eat only animal-based foods.1


In early 2013 a reckless general medical practitioner prescribed me enough antibiotics to mess up my gut microbiome. This lead to what was then a mild folliculitis to become severe chronic folliculitis with chronic seborrhoeic dermatitis following suit.

I suffered with this condition for over 4 years, and saw plethora of dermatologists (who knew naught but to prescribe ever more antibiotics). Then, just within two weeks of going on the carnivore diet (beef, salt and pepper) my symptoms reduced to about 95%.

Is it safe?

Contrary to popular belief, the carnivore diet provides all the necessary nutrients and is generally safe to do long-term. Meat is nutritionally complete food, and some indigenous groups have traditionally eaten an all-meat diet.

One ought to pay lip service to general medical wisdom and any dominant nutrition ideology as they are laced with an anti-meat bias (see below) using problematic epidemiological studies where, depending on the researcher’s nutritional bias, one can establish any food item to be problematic. For a telling instance of how biased health organizations can be, see WHO has vegetarian bias (and others at Vegetarian propaganda).


  1. Coffee being a delightful exception.

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