My LASIK surgery

On March 14th 2019 I had Custom Wavefront LASIK surgery done on both My eyes to correct simple myopia with astigmatism that I have had since as a teenager.

These are my ongoing notes on the procedure and the healing experience (which is expected to take 6 months).

Initial evaluation

I chose to get my surgery done at LASIK MD center in Quebec. I was asked to sleep without my contacts (I could wear them during the day) for a week before the day of evaluation wherein they would ascertain whether I’m a candidate for LASIK and if so for what kind of surgery.

The entire evaluation took about 3 hours. My vision has already been stable during the last few years. I was told that custom wavefront LASIK would be the best choice, even though standard LASIK is an option. The later allows me to return within the next 3 years for a vision correction, whereas the duration for the former is the entire lifetime (however the cornea thickness will limit the number of touch ups). Custom wavefront LASIK is supposed to result in better vision, so I went with that.

Day of surgery

I continued to sleep without contacts until the day of surgery. The whole appointment took about 4 hours overall even though the surgery itself must have taken about 10 minutes. Feeling your eyes being “cut” and “peeled” (flap creation\) is quite an experience. Although I “felt” only a slight anxiety my body was physically left shaking for a few minutes after the surgery.

I was given three eye drops—anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and hydrating—to be used for the initial 5 days, after which I was to continue using the hydrating drops on an as-needed basis.

On the day surgery I was asked to,

  • keep the eyes closed as much as possible
  • wear the provided sunglasses all time indoors (and outdoors)
  • no shower or bathing
  • no looking at phone or computer; and no reading

For the subsequent three days I was to wear the sunglasses outdoors, but not necessarily indoors and I could take a shower as long as I prevent water or soap from getting to the eyes (I showered with eyes closed).

Day after surgery

I had about -4.00 diopters on both eyes, which after surgery got corrected to -0.25 on the the right eye and -0.75 on the left (vision is supposed to continue to improve as the eyes heal over the months) which is reportedly better than average results on day 2. Although the left eye had a noticeably fuzzier vision on its own than the right eye, with both eyes open my vision was near-perfect. Overall my vision is already as good as that of wearing contact lens!

Week after surgery

The vision on the left eye has started improving, and I’m looking forward to the new measurements to be ascertained during the 2-week appointment.

I’m still using hydrating eye drops frequently as soon as I notice the eyes becoming dry.

Two weeks

I had a follow-up check up 2 weeks post-surgery. By this time my vision had noticeably improved and the left eye is almost on par with the right eye. The measurements this time are: -0.25 on both the eyes.

Four months+

After around 4 months I stopped using hydrating drops on regular basis (use them only when needed, which is rare).