Social Conditioning

Social conditioning refers to the various beliefs and identities one has taken up while growing up.

Political liberation movements address elimination of only superficial aspects of social conditioning, while conveniently clinging to the deeper aspects. Refer the below quote for the various ranges of identities that would go away if one were to eliminate social conditioning in its entirety.

Note that such an elimination can only be done safely (i.e., without risking becoming a psychopath) via Actualism Method.

[…] superficially there is a composite conditioned social identity that encompasses:

  1. A vocational identity as ‘employee’/‘employer’, ‘worker’/‘pensioner’, ‘junior’/‘senior’ and so on.
  2. A national identity as ‘English’, ‘American’, ‘Australian’ and etcetera.
  3. A racial identity as ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘brown’ or whatever.
  4. A religious/spiritual identity as a ‘Hindu’, a ‘Muslim’, a ‘Christian’, a ‘Buddhist’ ad infinitum.
  5. An ideological identity as a ‘Capitalist’, a ‘Communist’, a ‘Monarchist’, a ‘Fascist’ and etcetera.
  6. A political identity as a ‘Democrat’, a ‘Tory’, a ‘Republican’, a ‘Liberal’ and all the rest.
  7. A family identity as ‘son’/‘daughter’, ‘brother’/‘sister’, ‘father’/‘mother’ and the whole raft of relatives.
  8. A gender identity as ‘boy’/‘girl’, ‘man’/‘woman’.