Social Conditioning

[…] superficially there is a composite conditioned social identity that encompasses:

  1. A vocational identity as ‘employee’/‘employer’, ‘worker’/‘pensioner’, ‘junior’/‘senior’ and so on.
  2. A national identity as ‘English’, ‘American’, ‘Australian’ and etcetera.
  3. A racial identity as ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘brown’ or whatever.
  4. A religious/spiritual identity as a ‘Hindu’, a ‘Muslim’, a ‘Christian’, a ‘Buddhist’ ad infinitum.
  5. An ideological identity as a ‘Capitalist’, a ‘Communist’, a ‘Monarchist’, a ‘Fascist’ and etcetera.
  6. A political identity as a ‘Democrat’, a ‘Tory’, a ‘Republican’, a ‘Liberal’ and all the rest.
  7. A family identity as ‘son’/‘daughter’, ‘brother’/‘sister’, ‘father’/‘mother’ and the whole raft of relatives.
  8. A gender identity as ‘boy’/‘girl’, ‘man’/‘woman’.