Modern “anti-racism” as a racist religion

In the words of the literary academic John McWhorter, modern anti-racism “has gone a long way from what used to be considered intelligent and sincere civil rights activism; today it’s a religion [that] any naive anthropologist would recognize as a faith”. It is covertly racist.

Superficial peddling will get you nowhere

The current anti-racism movement’s activities are like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic (if they are not busy contributing to its further sinking that is).

The problem is not so much “racism”, as the deep human psycho-instinctual pattern of belonging to a group (and this includes political groups, like “progressives”). Otherwise called as the herd instinct. Unless humans willingly cease to cling to these archaic patterns of feeling and behaviour (which also underlie the so-called “positive” attributes like “solidarity”), nothing fundamental will change in regards to race relations (or any group relations for that matter), much less in regards to peace and harmony.

Life is far more easier, simpler, felicitous and innocuous when people treat one another as fellow human beings rather than token-members of some $group. To treat a flesh and blood human being, at their core, as a member of some group is to be insulting to the individual.

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